3rd Week and going since my move to NYC

February 19, 2012

So I’m counting down the days to shut down my Facebook. Soon enough….it’s just a waste of time (for me).


I’m in the Queens area, but to be more specific it’s called Astoria. I am finding out ALL types of information and everyday is like a search for information. So many different languages, PRICES (high and LOW), foods, parts of town and most of ALLL PEOPLE!

Gemini moment, discovery entices us to no end, because we think of the possibilities…..well at least I do (shame on the other Gemini’s, who don’t feel this way!….ok joking). So things in the works powered by the Roman Calendars clock factory here in the North Eastern side of the Americas : Lookin for Day Job, Free – food nutrition counseling, massages (be mature, no “happy ending”!) and dance improv for Structured dancers who do Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, etc.  and information scouting (finding things that people want or need). Then my most favorite personal hobby RESEARCH and experimentation (especially with Languages, hop to it!)


Well this will be updated pretty soon. Thanks for coming by




The hours tick away….

January 18, 2012

The hours tick away as I prepare for NYC. Selling Furniture, Collecting last minute currency, Putting in my notice @ work, Preparing to apply at new locations, Blah Blah BLah and etc.

I hold fear slightly in my pockets and grasp focus that needs no courage with my hand and strain my eyes with dedication. Functioning under this Monetary System sends so many hearts into disarray. My goal is to triumph over such a system by joining the many great OPEN minds that may cross my path and work with them to find a logical alternative.

Testing 1, 2 and go!

January 5, 2011

I set up this Word press Blog with Intentions to replace my Facebook and I’m slowly transitioning out. It really isn’t a “New Years” resolution or anything, it’s more that I a changing my mindset while heading down my current path in life. For those who are interested to keep up with my periodic Updates with life and etc. Facebook maybe useful for touching and informing the masses, however I would rather separate myself from that. The reason being is that substance is of importance to me.

So a little 411…:

  • I’m a dancer who dances 4 Different styles of dancing passionately. Krump, B-boy, House and Pop.
  • I’m into Metaphysics (psychics, tarot, chakras, meridians and the other vast amounts of fragmented things that piece together in the bigger picture of human cap)  and I study the Philosophy of Religion (the product of the scriptures…the human aspect and mindset).
  • I’m getting back in to street skating……….SLOWLY but SURELY
  • My career focus (if you could refer to it as that, I would still do it for free) is into Holistic health, by that I mean finding Natural ways to heal the body with a variety of concepts. Everything from Nutrition, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Energy Healing and etc. My current endeavors are Yoga (i’ve been through instructor training, but currently seeking out more traditional styles) and Massage Therapy (i’ve been practicing for 4 years now and I will be attending school for it pretty soon).
  • I’m very much into all types of music and would possibly like to pursue being a DJ (once i find the free time to dedicate my efforts to it). I’m into conscious hip-hop, beat production, dub step (Skrillex) , krump tracks (Traxamus), Japanese , Korean, Vietnamese, House music (multiple types) and the list can go on and on.

So that is the icing on the cake to break the “ice” as they say.